My name is Dave Davidson and I am 47years old in August. I have always been an active person. Someone who walks rather than gets in a car or bus. I own a bike so I can enjoy being free in the open air, but for years I have always wanted to get running and I have always put it off as I was unfit and the wrong shape for it. Yes even though I was an active person I also was out of shape. I ate and drank the wrong things and my career didn’t help. For the last 17years I have been working for myself as a freelance 3D artist/ designer (renderpimp.com)  so this has meant I get up out of bed and walk straight to my desk. 3.5 years ago I also stopped smoking which was a step in the right direction. Well it will be 2 years this October since I started running and I have gone from zero miles a month to 200-350 miles a month. In this time I have lost 3 stone and ran lots of races. I wanted to start a blog to write down my journey and thoughts. So here it is. I shall be writing about how I feel about my training and my running in general,  about some of the kit I use. I will also write about some of the races I run. If this proves to be helpful or informative to anyone then it is a bonus if not then atleast it gives me a place to rant and babble about something I love.


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