WIRELESS EARPHONES – About time I got into these…

Ok time for a review ish kind off post….
Over the last few months I have started to dive into the wireless earphone pool and so far I am disappointed. I have spent many a £ and hour giving these devices a chance and this is my findings. I didn’t skimp on the price either, I aimed straight to the top brands on the market so I could get the best for my money. I tried Bose sport, beats X, Jaybird 3X , Beoplay H5.

* Beoplay H5 – Love this brand and the quality of their heaphones and speakers are second to none. The H5s shouted out to me and with that I made the purchase. Goddammit they are class. They look very good and feel like they are made to a high standard. They connected to all my devices with no issues and sounded as i expected. I bought these to run in so straight to lets get to the point here. They suck for running, they are too heavy and fall out. Not alone here either lots of others complain about this. The comply buds do not help and i tried lots of different sizes. When they did stay in the flaw moved to the cable. The cable is a fabric so it is hard wearing ( great), but it is a noisy mutha as it hits the neck/ collar of my running top all i can hear is “that” noise and it is fooking distracting. The battery life is not great but i could live with that sure charging on the go would suck as you need the charging block instead of just a usb cable. I really wanted these to work for me. They didn’t big time and they are not cheap :(. I did talk to them and they are on about bringing out some optional fins so that might help with them falling out so that is good ( maybe).



*Bosesport bluetooth earphones- I use bose sport wired headphones daily and love them so decided to give these a go to see if they would save the day. They sounded great and they felt kinda cheap compared to the beoplay ones but hey ho. They paired great with all my devices. Another fail due to falling out. The earbuds are way too heavy and refused to stay in ( the look should have been a clue here lol). Gutted. Let down by the design, if only they shoved the battery in the neck instead.



*Beats X – swore i would never get a pair of beats, Damm that B, but they are supposed to be a good match for the other earphones on offer so at this stage why not. FFS© they are not even sweat proof so even if they didn’t fall out they would die on me as i like to run a lot and i sweat. WTF© were they thinking. They are super small and light. The design is great(ish). The cable is maybe a little too big and there is a lot of swaying around with the loops before the neck band. Could get used to that as they are not too noisy or distracting after a while, but how long would they last if i kept wearing them?? Out of the whole bunch they offer the best technology with the W1 chip and the super long battery life. The fact that you can charge them fast for 2hours use in just 5mins. They sound lush too. These would have been a clear winner but the show stopper is just that. DAMMIT…



*Jaybird X3- I hear a lot about jaybird eaphones and runners so made sense to get a pair to test. They look like they would last me a long time on my runs. The cable is super flexable and flat which is good i suppose. The buds overall design is nice. They come with rubber buds and comply ones and fins GREAT. They stay in WOOT, but wait they stay in until the flat cable sticks to your neck and then pulls the buds out of your ear. It doesn’t do it in a yank it does it nice and slowlllly so you can constantly feel it moving out while running DISTRACTING or what. Yes there are two ways to wear them ( so the box says) so i tried to put them over the ears and around the neck, but my ears must be mutant ones as they didn’t want them to be there. Plus the control fob is too close to the ear once you move the cable up and over. So basically they sound nice, will last if they get wet, last 8 hours with a charge and connect tothings easily. They just refuse to stay in the ears due to being pulled out. 😦



I will continue to test pairs until i find that one pair that will do everything i need them to. I have also tried the Sony walkman ones and they are nice but too much bulk around my ears due to them being the walkman too, but they don’t fall out and they are super waterproof. So not all bad eh… I really want to run with no silly long wires. Until they fix the issues i shall go back to my wired Bose sport ones. They sound great, they don’t need to be charged and they are super comfy in the ears and they don’t fall out.

These things are sooooo not cheap either so it is a lot of ££ to spend on something that let’s itself down when actually wearing them…618GkYEBd5L._SY355_


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