Some training thoughts, I thought I would share….

I have Ashby20 in a few weeks and L2M shortly afterwards. So I am trying to get my ultra legs back. I am doing some tests and working on slowing my pace right down so I can go longer without burning too much fuel. At the moment I am still not fueling on longer runs. I have tried taking a bounce energy ball while out on a run. Ripping a chunk of it and nibbling it. I love the taste and my stomach doesn’t mind eating it. Although not a lot is being eaten. I do take on liquid BUT I am going to start sipping it at regular intervals during a run to see if that makes any difference during a run. I also plan on taking on solid fuel every 6miles (which is normally the distance between water stations) to see if that makes any difference. Over the last few weeks I have been focusing on reducing my pace. This is so hard, even though I am not a fast runner it is hard to go even slower. I am still not running slow enough. My heart rate is running low enough which is good Normally 126-146bpm range (ish). I am now getting better at running at 8:10-8:30 min miles, but I think this is too fast still. I have also learnt that my comfy cadence is looking like it is around 171-174 which I shall continue to monitor. If this is the case then it gives me something to work to. I have just ordered a clip on metronome to run with instead of using my phone or watch. So we will see if that helps. I have also decided to do more biking to help loosen up the legs. Do weekly hill repeats to help keep the pace low and build the legs up, it will also help me with breathing and endurance I think as running on the same stretch over and over will help kick the head into gear. I have also decided to do a weekly weighted vest 5miler too to help reduce the pace while building the legs up. I am still running around 70-80 miles a week. See I am trying to get fit honest. I might be overthinking it a little, but I am bricking my races/runs a little more than normal. Atleast this keeps my mind off it a little.
Anyhoo those are my training thoughts for the next few months…


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