Recover Soft- Telic recovery shoes…

I was introduced to these recovery shoes a few weeks ago and I am pleased I was. As a runner it I spend a lot of my time studying which shoes to run in, which socks to run in and what other gear I should be wearing while doing the act of running. Infact the act of caring for feet while doing the actual running plays a big role in every runners life. This includes filing nails to the skin, moisturising and strapping the feet up. I wonder how many actually bother with the care of their feet after the run/race. Telic’s strap line is “train hard. recover soft”.  These shoes come in a variety of styles, from the closed toe (clog) option “Dream” to the traditional flip flop with toe bar. They also come in a fair few funky colours too, so you don’t need to be seen in boring black. They are made from a light weight foam which is 100% water proof so you can easily clean them so no excuses for wearing stinky flipflops (lol). This is also great because you don’t need to worry about cream, etc being absorbed into the shoe while caring for your blistered, worn out feet. Once you place the shoe on you notice the footbed has a texture, this massages your tired feet just enough not to be annoying. I have noticed a difference in my feet after wearing them once I have finished a long run. You also notice the arch support the shoes give. These shoes have been designed to the contour of the foot, enhanced by the fact that once heated up ( by your foot) these conform even more to the shape of your foot, thus giving more support where needed and feel like they are hugging the foot. They are not as hard as some I have tried and not as bouncy as others I have tested. They are just about right , to give enough absorption for the aching joints not to suffer more. IMHO. The shoes are also manufactured in one piece too so no seams or other elements to mess with your battered toes or feet. The material gently lays against your skin instead as it is a nice soft, quality material. I think these are well worth a look in if you are on your feet a lot or like me like to run a bit. I think we should not overlook this area as recovery isn’t just about our legs and our bodies but our poor feet too. These shoes are light enough to throw in your drop bag, even work bag so can be worn when needed.  I think your feet deserve a hug from these shoes.

These are an American brand but can be purchased from >

newheights active brands

telic’s website


The textured pattern on the footbed acts to massage your feet and it really does help my aching feet after a long hard run.



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