OOFOS recovery flip-flop

As many know I like to run a lot and that means my feet can take a good beating (lol). I have tried several recovery shoes in the past, but recently I have been trying OOFOS original flip-flops and I have to say they are the best ones I have tried. As soon as you place them on and walk around you feel the cushion. They are like walking on pockets of clouds. They are cushioned in all the right areas for my worn out feet, but not overly done to get annoying. They are constructed in a single material so there are no bits to come away, no seams to annoy or rub on blisters or other running related foot issues, even the toe post is soft and doesn’t annoy or rub your feet like some other I have tried. They are constructed from Durable OOfoam which holds its  cushion. They are machine washable which is great as this stops the wife complaining about the runners feet hum :). I was also surprised at just how light they are, yet not a poor quality build. I would highly recommend buying these if you do long runs or your feet are hard worked. They are light enough to throw in your drop bag for after races or just dive into when you get home. These are the Hokas of the recovery shoe industry IMHO, designed to take pressure off key parts of your feet. Almost like bubble wrapping your hard worked feet. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “OOFOS recovery flip-flop

    1. I have a few pairs of recovery shoes from other companies and these are just so much better, they are like the Hokas of recovery. Imagine placing your foot in bubble wrap (without all the noise lol). I am thinking about getting some slide ones next.

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