October the month of the MealPrep…

October will be #mealprep month. I have decided to give this mealprep a go. It is an area that has interested me a while. I like the idea of portion control, saving money and time. Plus it also means i have less chance of skipping a meal or cheating with naughty stuff lol. For starters I have decided to opt for 2.5meals which are. 1. Chicken, rice and veg. 2. Lasagna and fresh veg. 3. lasagna filling with rice and veg. The idea is I leave 3 out in the fridge and place the rest in the freezer. Then once I am on the last fridge one I take one out of the freezer for the day after. The Tubs I am using are #GYM-PAK 24oz strong, leak proof tubs. These are cheap enough from ebay. I made everything on Saturday and Sunday which was fun ( apart from the washing up ). I shall let you know how it goes, but I am sure I will enjoy this experiment. #mealprep #running #fitness #healthyeating #ukrunchat #fitfor50


7 thoughts on “October the month of the MealPrep…

  1. I’m trying meal prep too for lunches at work rather than buying crap. I made it all today ready for the rest of the week. I lack containers though so will look these up on eBay. Thanks for the tip!


    1. buy gym- pak meal prep ones they are cheap enough and are good quality so can be used over and over unlike the cheap ones you get take away ones in ( some sell them in 250 boxes). Good luck with your meal prep tests mate

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