Summer is coming so out pops my Ultimate Direction hydration handheld


Ultimate Direction fastdraw 20. Has room for phone, 4gels, key clip and money. Plus the kicker bottle 500ml. Bloody handy to use on runs in the summer and in races, you can simply re-fill it at water stations when needed. So handy for those that don’t like running vests and belts. Plus it is less than £20 so loads cheaper too. Ultimate Direction make quality products too which is why a lot of long distance runners use their stuff.
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My old one was an UltrAspire handheld and I loved it. You basically shove gels down the side of the bottle while running. There is no zipped pocket or such though so no place for money, keys or phone which was a downer. Also the bottle was a funny shape so i coudn’t mix it up with my other packs/ vests etc. This is one of the reasons I opted for the Ultimate Direction handheld. I have loads of their bottles already and a few packs/ vests that take the bottles so made sense to buy a handheld to match. Still a bloody good handheld though and worth a look at.

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