What a difference 4 years makes…

While on the interweb my facebook history app thing showed me a memory from 4yrs ago. It showed me sat on my bike about to head off for another ride. See I was active and all, but it showed me there was more of me to go around. It is hard for us sometimes to see what a difference running can do to your bodies and lifestyle because we are so close to it. I used to go on my bike daily and do rides up to 79 miles, so it wasn’t like I was unfit. I used to go on long hikes up to 30miles too. My lifestyle was beginning to change around the 4 year mark. I stopped smoking a year before that. I was considering pushing my running goal. I always wanted to add running to the list of things I did but for some reason it never felt right or comfy. Well, 2.5ish years ago I decided to go for it. I started running 1.9miles around the block where I live. This was hard work, I died every time I arrived home, but each time I came back i took less time to recover from the dying. About 2 weeks after I started I felt I could up it to 4miles so I did and 6 weeks later I ran 13miles. I had broke  the curse of not being able to run. I was running. I now run a little more now than I did covering 50-70miles a week. I have done numerous Ultra marathons, etc. I don’t drink now, pleased I don’t smoke and I try to watch what i eat “sometimes”. I refuse to be one of those live to run, diet peeps that have to weigh everything before they chew on it. I love running, but I love food too so I will have that takeout midweek if I want. I will eat that icecream, etc. But I have changed and my mindset has grown due to running. I have noticed my clothes don’t fit, I have noticed i can see my toes. I am fitter than I was when I just hiked and biked everywhere. Running has made me a new Dave and before I turn 50 too which is great. Don’t get me wrong I am still far from being “fit” Dave but i am fitter. I am surrounded daily by inspirational peeps on facebook and twitter. I see more runners now than I see normal peeps, which helps massively  Anyhoo I just thought I would share that with you. If I can do it then anyone can. Below is the photo that got me to write this post…12983905_10156845959365046_7591037894010976184_o


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