Training/running with a weighted vest

New weighted vest arrived. I opted for the 14-18kg vest. Big bugger, LOL.
Well I went out on my first run with it tonight and it went good. I did a steady 5.5miler and picked a route that had different surfaces and also one that wasn’t flat. I packed the vest with 16kg of weight in it. I managed to keep it under 10min miles with an avg pace of around 9:30 / 9:40 min miles. I was constantly looking at my HR on the Fenix3 HR to keep it in the aerobic zones. I figured using this vest will kill two birds with one stone. Built up my core, legs and endurance while allowing me to run in my slower zone comfortable, because as it is now I am finding it hard to slow down and run in that zone.
The run went good, I knew I was wearing it from the get go. My breathing was hampered by the fact the weight packs were solid and digging into my chest. Aswell as the straps holding the entire thing tight against my ribs limited the amount of room I had to open the lungs up. Apart from that I liked it.
I will be using it on slow and steady 5milers maybe twice a week NO MORE.
All in all let the training begin 🙂


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