Salomon Xscream 3D failing – and support, UPDATE

Ok just spoke to #salomon on the phone and they refuse to do anything because i can not provide proof of purchase. I tried to explain that because i buy a lot of running shoes by them and have faith in them i do not keep receipts. They said well there is nothing they can do they need proof i bought them. There is a 2yr warranty on them but not for me. I said what happens if someone bought me them then i havent purchased them, then they will have to provide me with the proof so i can show salomon. I am gutted at such a thing. They know it’s their shoe, they know they are less than 2 yrs old because they didn’t make them 2 yrs ago, they know i am a loyal customer and they are doing nothing. This is the 2nd time i have had the exact same support from them. The fact that i have had zero replies from any email, message, etc and i have had to make a call myself is poor on it’s own but to be told sorry and good bye is just wrong imho. I shall be looking for another goto shoe now. #Salomonrunning #Salomonsport #Xscream3D


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