Time to revisit an old friend – Hoka One One

After some great inner debate I have decided to give #Hoka OneOne another shot. 2yrs+ ago I used to love the brand. Ran hundreds of miles in the Stinson trail shoe, I even stock piled them and had 4 pairs of them at the go at the same time ( rotating them so they wear nice ). I could go any distance in them with no issues. I told everyone about them. Then they changed the design, updated them so they had new materials, lighter and stuff. I had to buy some more and to my horror they had changed the ride too. I kept getting niggles from the new shoe. I tried several months to get on with them and no it was not to be. So in my desperation i bought some other models from the brand and after some time decided it wasn’t to be. It was a sad time indeed, as I watched the wife put on her Hokas time after time and go bouncing out the door. Well I have decided to bite the bullet and give them another go. I have some long runs booked this year and it would be nice if i wore some Hokas during some of them. The ones I decided to get this time around is the hoka One One Huaka, Light, 2mm drop and they can handle trail and road so they sound perfect for me. They arrive tomorrow so stay tuned for a small rant or a woot review. 🙂 Sorry I felt I had to share this with you 🙂 


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