8th week of training DONE

8th week of training done. Made up of Monday 12mile bike, Tuesday rest day, Weds 21miles (hilly course), Thursday 7.34miles, Friday Rest day, Saturday 18miles (hilly and stormy), Sunday 12miles ( hilly, stormy and dark). Total elevation climbed4,806 ft Legs feel good, but have had issues with stomach, and head. Picked up germs from kids and wife. Should be gone in the next few days. I have started training for the first time in a rain jacket. Not liking it but must get used to wearing something for those longer runs if its wet and windy. Even if I don’t wear one atleast I will be used to wearing one. Going to be adding more of the hillier routes to my weekly training plan as it will give my legs something to bite onto, plus it will slow my pace down to where it needs to be, which is around the 9:30min/mile mark. Let’s see what next week brings 🙂


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