Long run route planned and uploaded to watch

Well that is tomorrows route all planned out and uploaded to the watch… First I used Runkeeper to plan the route as it had a better map system for foot paths etc than the others I have. Plus it is faster to calculate the route as you draw it. There is no snap to routes or anything fancy like that. Once made I have to add it as an activity and then export it as a GPX file. This is because runkeeper does not allow the export of routes. :(. Once I have exported it as a GPX I import it into Garmin connect as an activity and then “save as course” Ofcourse then i have to delete all the activities I have made as technically I haven’t ran it yet ;). Once it is in Garmin connect I can set the pace I would like to run it in and also tweak. I can see the elevation I will be running and how long it will take. I then “send to watch”. I will be using it on the Garmin Fenix 3 as a Navigation activity run. It will then give me a track to follow ( no map since fenix2 ). The track zoom is on the screen is set to 0.2mile. You can zoom out if if you wished by holding down the UP key. When you are running using the navigation it will alert you if you go ofcourse pretty much straight away. It will draw a new track so you can see where you have gone off. It will also tell you by how much you have gone off course. The main data screens I use in navigation mode are. The track screen. The virtual runner data screen, which basically lets you race or run with a virtual racer that is running at the pace you put in when you created the route. It will tell you in minutes, secs, how far ahead or behind you are. It will also tell you how long it will tell you based on your current pace how long it will take to finish the entire route. The last screen I use is the one that tells me ETA, Time ran, how many minutes i have left to run and how many miles i have left. I love the navigation feature and it has saved me loads of times. Tomorrow I shall be running on roads and tracks I have never been on before and I know I will not get lost. Anyhoo just thought I would share one way I make my running routes. I normally can get away with making the route straight in Garmin connect, but the maps sometimes don’t show all the paths Runkeeper shows. Anyway it is worth playing with even if you do not have a Fenix3. Nothing like keeping your mojo alive by running fresh routes…

Create_New_Route_-_RunkeeperGarmin_Connect11059711_10155540269735046_4160052497772581646_n2015-05-02 17.25.09


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