Winter training on the treadmill

Well my new treadmill has arrived and I am slowly itching myself back into running indoors. I bought a Horizon 0mega 3 now it might not be the quietest or the all bells and whistles treadmill that the nordictrac 15 was, but it works as it should. I use my garmin fenix3 watch and footpod with it rather than use the display on the treadmill as I find it more accurate. Since starting to run again on the treadmill I am now hearing how it’s easier, bad for me as it will make me run badly outside. How it will not benefit my running. Now I know this is a load of rubbish as I know how hard my running sessions are on the treadmill and I know that while it is not the same as running outside on the actual earth it is so not easy and I am not just talking about the mind numbing fact of running on the thing, but the actual running it’s self. I do try to tell people that pros use treadmills to train all the time but there are always the odd few running snobs that look down at you and belittle every step you take on them. Well my advice is do not listen to them. Running on a treadmill has lots of advantages. Whether it is poor weather, darker mornings or nights making it not safe to go out. Time constraints. Or tied to the house/ building so unable to go out. What ever the reason grab yourself a training plan/ workout and get to it. I am using mine for interval training as I know I can regulate the speed lots better on the treadmill than I do out doors. For example I am running 8x .5mile intervals from 7.5-8mph. I shall continue to run outside as well, but while I need to I shall be running/ training on my treadmill.

Here is a good read on the same subject >


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