My 3,000th mile ran for the year (ish) filmed with my Gopro. Running down towards Staveley works from Whittington.

Yesterday I completed my 3,000th mile running total for 2015. WOW is all I can say. It was not easy by any stroke of the imagination. My aim was to run 2015 for 2015, but I reached 2015 too soon so thought why not up it to 3,000. Well running a 70mile week for the last week ensured I met the total. It has been a mad year for running for sure. I have ran about 6 runs over 32miles and ran 2 ultras and other various races. I am such a different person to who I was 3years ago. I plan to run a different year in 2016 so stay tuned for that. Any way here is a little video of the last mile (ish ) of the 8.8mile run that took me over the total.

Last mile of my 8.8mile run which took me over 3,000miles ran for 2015 – gopro- hyperlapse from dave davidson on Vimeo.



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