Coming to the end of 2015 and 15 weeks to go before L2M Ultra in 2016…

Well 2015 has been a very good year, yes there has been some ups and downs thrown in, but overall a very good year. I have met some wonderful people along the way. I have snuck in to a few club runs with the local running club in Chesterfield. NDRC ( North Derbyshire running club). The people are great and they all make me smile each time I meet. I see a lot of them during races too which is great. I recommend joining a local running club if you are in need of constant mojo topping up. I run 99% of my runs alone so running with people can scratch an itch.

Well I have less than 130miles to run before Jan and I have then met my 3,000mile goal  for the year. WOOT. It has been hard but worth it.

I have a new treadmill arriving today so I can get some extra miles in over the next few months. I have opted for the Horizon omega 3 this time to replace the Nordictrack 15.00 one which was a big let down. I bought the Nordic Track because of the i-fit module and system but after 3 modules and 2 tradmills later it wasn’t to be. Each module died ( not bad to say each one is supposed to cost £80)  and also not bad considering you are paying to belong in the eco-system that is i-fit. You get the first year free which is great, but if you decide not to join then you are unable to use the module or upload your own routes, etc so kinda an ongoing purchase if you decide to buy a treadmill with i-fit. Is it worth it? Hmm I guess when it was working then yes, kinda. It allowed me to upload some of my local routes to train on and the fact the treadmill automatically changed the incline to match was very nice. I also loved the fact that you could watch the route infront of you using your ipad or tablet. This was done using google street view. Yes it was like a slide show but it was still very handy to have. ( tip don’t use your ipad or tablet if you sweat as I killed mine. You need to cover it or keep it high enough away from your sweat lol). The other down side to the i-fit system is it doesn’t play nice with others. Well it doesn’t play at all. You can’t import routes made with Garmin or Strava. You can’t export your runs to Garmin, Strava or any other running app. Which kinda sucks being how most people have an account they are already using so why not let us share our treadmill data with them? Tis only an export button/ link. Same with making routes, it would make more sense to allow the user the option to link to strava where I can save a route i have ran as a course to run again later. So saving it for treadmill running would be ideal, no? Anyhoo treadmill dead  (kept tripping the electric, etc) and gone back, money refunded and new treadmill on way. So no more i-fit or frustration over not being able to get a run in when it’s late. I shall let you know how the new one fairs.

Plans for this blog next year…

I shall try to write more reviews on the kit I use and test during my training and events. I will also try to write more about how and what I am doing to train for future events, etc. Might as well aim to write more about the events to, letting you know what to expect from each one, what I took from each one and my feeling on if you should considering doing it.





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