Coconut loaf cake or buns

cocnutbuns coconut bake

This is what you need to make some of the ones shown in the photos 🙂


300g plain flour

2tbs baking powder

200g of caster sugar

2ts of cinnamon

120g coconut flakes ( desiccated)

hand full of dried fruit ( or more if you want it fruity )

2 eggs

300ml of milk

80g of coconut oil

1ts of vanilla extract

How to:

Mix all the dry ingredients together including the dried fruit in a large bowl.

Then add eggs to milk and vanilla and mix well ( i use one of my protein shakers as it gets plenty of air into it)

Add to dry mix along with the coconut oil. I use a fork to mix it all up and this allows me to mix in the coconut oil which is still solid but becomes soft enough to mix in well. Suppose you could warm it up first, but works either way.


Once mixed place in a greased loaf tin or even better a greased cake tin so you can have lunch box sized cakes 🙂

Place in the over on gas mark 4 for about 50-60 mins ISH for the loaf tin


About 20-25 mins for the smaller cake tin.

Thats about it….


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