Kit/ gear for my first official ULTRA MARATHON EEEEEKKK


Normally when i do 30+ miles i go running with water and a couple of gels, but as it’s and official event i have to go prepared lol. ( good practise for the peak district Ultra anyway). Anyway Taxi booked to station, tickets in pocket and kit all packed. I’ve clocked up 1,517miles training (which includes 4X 31+mile runs) 186 runs in total since i started training for this silly race/ run/ Ultra. Well tomorrow it will be done. Not bad considering i have only ever done one marathon before (official ) lol. Thanks to all for the support.

List of items taking with me

Ultimate Direction PB vest

2X water bottles ( i can top them up if needed at water stations )

phone ( with map/ route installed)

fenix3 watch by Garmin with route installed so i can use it to navigate the route.

Headphones and mp3 player

RoadID ICE wrist band

Map of route with notes

Toilet roll


Boxer shorts, socks and some spare running shorts

Gels, bars and shotboks

Garmin GPS as back up

Pen ( tactical )

Laggy band wrapped around a torch, pry tool, money pod, whistle

zip lock bags – empty to store rubbish and clothes if it rains, etc

tablets (including salt sticks, tums) and blister plasters

All fits in the vest so not really carrying a lot really 🙂


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