That nervous feeling… My first ever “official” UltraMarathon draws closer and closer.

I have signed up for the Derby Nomad 50K, which takes place on the 27th of June 2015.

Two days before the UltraMarathon… Final check of routes, CPs, maps and then my kit bag, devices, etc (funny ain’t it that I have run further in training runs leading up to this race/ event ( plus doing 30+miles on less than a days notice) and only taken water, my watch and a gel and that’s it, but because this is an “official” race I bricking it, taking maps, water, stuff to eat and worrying about the distance, worrying when/ where the Check points are ( like I ever needed to stop before ffs). I find it funny that adding the fact that this is an “official” race makes it seem harder and scarier lol). This is why i love signing up for races as it sends my heart, body and mind into meltdown were the days leading up to it I have self doubt, leg and heart implosions, etc. There is no other time I get this feeling and it’s great (in an OMG sort of way) . LOL
Babbling Over

I shall list the kit/ gear and anything else I can think of relating to this event later, so stay tuned.


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